How The Chinese Queue

24 Mar

Here’s a supposedly typical queueing scene in Beijing, China. From the photo, the queue seem to be queueing up for train tickets. Just look at them hugging each other! I don’t even remember the Chinese ever being so friendly towards their comrades!

Beijing Railway Queue

At least you will know that you will never get a chance in jumping queue unlike the lurking aunties and uncles in Singapore who cut straight in when you aren’t looking. Just looking at them leaning in the same direction makes it so funny!

Chinese Queue

Apparently, it is not only the common scene in Beijing but also, in other cities like SiZhuan as well. It’s is not going to be easy to jump queue in China, it seems.

SiZhuan Queue

Here’s the joke: In Beijing, a man complained that the queue in MTR caused his wife to have a miscarriage. Another man rebutted that it is no big deal because the queue in Shanghai made his wife pregnant!

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