Global Retail Visuals – Novelties

19 Nov

Other than having unique display props like the THEO FENNELL exhibition that I mentioned in my previous entry, there are some stores that actually sell products that probably are wacky and attention-grabbing enough on their own. I chance upon this site that sells, let’s put it nicely, novelties, which would probably make us feel like we were walking into one of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! museums. Store front

Archie McPhee‘s products listing includes rubber chickens, glow in the dark aliens, plastic ants, gummy lips, etc. For a complete product listing, please see here. If that’s not wacky enough, there is a list of the weirdest items that they have.

T-Bone Air Freshener

Rent A Tree

While the range of items at their stores might be overwhelming to absorb in a single sight, their website is easy to navigate and there detailed descriptions for each item. Interested to buy from them? Do note that international orders cannot be placed online. For more enquiries, you may wish to visit their FAQs page. There are two Archie McPhee stores, which are:

Address: 2428 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA 98107
and 2436 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA 98107

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