Eco-friendly And Cheaper Games

2 Jan

As a moderate PC gamer, I don’t buy PC games often mainly due to the prices that usually turn me off. However, I just found out that many games can be bought from SteamPowered at a price much lower compared to those at the stores. For example, my cousin bought Football Manager 2009 at S$61 while I got mine at US$27 which convert to around S$39. A total savings of S$22!

With everyone suddenly changing their minds on global warming, buying games online seems to be a much better move. The consumer saves the space needed to keep the boxes and also the material cost that comes with manufacturing the package. That’s killing two birds with one stone, I would say. For those who are interested in buying PC Games, SteamPowered seems to be a good alternative and you can even buy a game as a gift to someone else.

The main downside is that you will need to download and install the Steam client in order to download the game. It is a bit of a hassle but since my desktop is switched on 24/7, it don’t bother me.

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