Dinner At No Signboard

7 Dec

My extended family celebrated my grandmother’s birthday over the weekend on Saturday night. On such occasions, my extended family will usually eat out. This time round, we had our dinner at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant. While not being a seafood lover like several of my cousins, I find that the dishes are quite to my liking with the exception of prawns and crabs. (I am allergic to prawns and crabs, so are several of my cousins.) The crab serving is exceptionally huge compared to other restaurants that we tried in the past. The term for a ‘small’ crab is very misleading as a crab needs to be at least 2.8kg before it can be considered as a ‘large’ crab. Ridiculous, huh?

Here’s my sister eating a gigantic pincer.
Giant Pincer

The food we ordered tasted good with big servings but do expect the bill to burn a big hole in your pockets unless you have extra cash to spend. We ordered 8-9 dishes and with a table of 10, so we pretty much cleared away most of the food except for the crabs.

No Signboard Dinner
My cousins doing their best to finish up the crabs!

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