Cyrene Speaks Next

19 Oct

My ‘boss’ has spoken. How could I not follow up with a brief introduction about myself?

I am a 23-year old woman lady who is working as a merchandiser. What is my job scope? Anything that the other two ladies in my department don’t want to do. We get the same scenario everywhere, don’t we?

The start of this site is probably going to provide me with lots of positive things like keeping me focused and forcing my feet to be planted firmly on the ground. Too much politics at work makes me so exasperated till I have kind of lost myself in the mayhem.

I first wrote my thoughts online in 2004, and am currently at my third blog now (this site not included). Some people probably have a blog to last them for all their life. But I am the kind of person to create another blog based on the stages of my life. I am the kind who also believe the importance of a name, so I always spend more time thinking of a suitable name than anything else.

Anyway, this entry is a short one. The next step I will be doing is to find a way to make Francis believe the beauty about blogging in one-liners.

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