Cocoa Craze – Candy Empire

3 Nov

Cocoa products – read: CHOCOLATES, that is.

The previous times I spend on a whole lot of chocolates was as a welcome gift for Blue whom I had introduced to work in my current company and for my other darling Angie for a basic cheering up gift. This time, I spent the highest amount of chocolates – for myself.

I don’t know why I bear to spend so much on such ‘luxurious goods’ on myself, but I can guess the reason: I wasn’t in the best of moods a couple of weeks ago and chocolates seemed to be the immediate perk-up solution to whatever crap I was facing.

And so it goes, I spent about S$40 at Candy Empire (2nd outlet at: outlet at Millennia Walk.

Cadburry Eden

The dark chocolate is slightly bitter but the milk chocolate centre is nothing to rave about. Basically, it didn’t even taste like milk chocolate but a texture more like praline. And this box (of 16 pieces) costs me S$13++! Expensive for a box of not-so-fantastic chocolates.

Trefin Bundle

This box bundle from Trefin tastes more appealing (and price appealing) as compared to Cadburry’s Eden! Box of 3 (I finished the box of chocolate hearts) for S$7++. A pity that each box only has 6 pieces which makes it kind of difficult to share around a big group of colleagues.

Pods with Snickers.

I was kind of disappointed to see that the packaging had changed from a box to this kind of wrapper that reminds me of potato chips’ packaging. The change was probably made to make the contents of the chocolates more as I notice a significance increase in price too *rolls eyes*. About $8.60.This would be my second pack of Pods. The first time was when my girlfriends bought for me to try and I ended up aggravating my sensitive teeth. There are other flavours like Pods with Mars Bar and Pods with chocolate mint, but I still prefer the Snickers flavour because I love chocolate with peanut butter.. Which brings me to this..

Reeves Buttercups.

My absolute love! A manager bought a pack for us to share when she came back from America. I was in heaven! There’s another brand which my girlfriend bought. However, this Palmers’ Peanut Butter Cups are only brought in by Jason’s Supermarket specially for events such as Halloween. Back to this Reeves brand – 2 buttercups for a hefty S$2.80. Blue says she saw caucasians buy them by the whole box! 2 boxes even!

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