Christmas Decorations Are Up

9 Nov

Every year, I couldn’t help thinking at how early the Christmas decorations are up. This year, Christmas decorations are already decorating some parts of Singapore’s streets.

How time flies. I can still remember avidly what was the highlight of my Christmas last year. A S$400 shopping allowance given to me from my boyfriend. I was practically looking for things to buy. Money wasn’t really of an issue at that time because government related jobs entitles the employee to a bonus of 2.2. Assuming your gross salary is S$2,000, this end-of-year bonus will be S$4,400 (2.2 times of S$2,000), exclusive of that current month’s salary. If based on this example, the employee will get a S$6,400 gross salary.

Really cool, ain’t it? What is S$400 compared S$6,400 (S$5,120 nett after Central Provident Fund deduction)? Haha. It’s a pity that my guy has to sacrifice a portion for his car as it was the season for giving (insurance and taxes, that is). This year, it is rumoured that the bonus will be higher than last year. I do hope it turns out to be true.

Nevertheless, the shopping moods will be high. I just hope the sales will be crazier. More discounts = happy Cyrene!

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