Chocolates Galore

20 Dec

I was in Malaysia for a short trip and as usual, whenever I see a candy store, I’d invariably find myself being drawn to them. A couple of months ago, I read that there is a local ice-cream shop offering chilli chocolate flavoured ice-cream. From the interviewee, the hottness kicks in only a few seconds you have tasted the ice-cream. Surprisingly, this unique flavour is one of their best sellers. So, it was of no surprise to me when I saw this:

Chilli Chocolate

Apologies for the unclear handphone pictures as the salesperson kept looking in my direction. I must have one of those chocolate lunatic looks. We all know that fruits have been used as chocolate fillings and as flavours. The most common one would have to be orange, strawberry, green tea and kiwi.

Mango Chocolate

But have you seen these? See the last picture, I was really stunned to find such a combination.

Mango ChocolatePapaya ChocolateDurian Chocolate

Next up, I’ll let you know where to get some chocolates at a mini warehouse sale!

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