Cheap Ten Dollar KTV For All

11 Jun

It’s been a long time since I last did a post and I apologise for that. I have been busy with my examintions and currently on internship until the end of June. However, I just can’t help but to recommend this cheap and rather awesome deal I came to know recently.

Most in Singapore will know of PartyWorld KTV or KBox and recently, Top One KTV. The lesser known will be K-str which I think is rather cheap and value for money. This latest deal is located at Smith Street which is somewhere between Chinatown, Outram and Tanjong Pagar MRT stations. The KTV is called Ten Dollars Family KTV and yes, it is really $10! What you get is a 5 hours KTV session, freeflow of the drinks though you get a smaller range of selection and a bowl of shark fin soup which taste really good when you know you are getting a good deal.

When looking for the place, look up at the neon sign that reads ‘TD Family KTV’. The KTV is located on the 3rd floor of a shophouse. The place is definitely not sleezy and I think find the environment suitable for families. Also, the sound system is pretty good but not top notch. The song selection system is done via remote or the touch screen. Now, that’s really high tech though I am not quite used to the touch screen system.

Do check out the Ten Dollar Club website for the details!

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