Bloodsucking Cathay

30 Jan

I saw the news at and it just sent my blood to boiling point. With taxi fares, cooking gas and ERP rising, Cathay has decided to take a shot at raising its already-high movie ticket. It is just getting ridiculous at the rate prices at rising. I don’t even see people getting more pay rises to cover the expenses. To Cathay, that is why I am watching my movies at Golden Village! ChannelNewsAsia quoted an editor saying that our movie tickets are still cheaper than at the States. Come on! This is Singapore, not a state of the United States. We don’t get the level of service compared to American or European cinemas either! The bloody editor only frequents the cinemas 4 times a month so Cathay get earn her bloody 4 movie tickets and kiss goodbye to my movie tickets instead…

New Cathay Ticket Prices

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