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Heineken Beer Commerials

5 Oct

Remember these Heineken beer commercials? Hope they help lessen your Monday blues!

Now they have something similar or rather, the sequel of the commercial.

Pizza-Hut Pasta

17 Sep

A few days ago, while waiting for train at MRT, I saw this Pizza-Hut ads pasted on every doors all over the station.


Wow! Pizza-Hut was good for their pizza and now they have introduced these yummy-looking pasta. These ads really make my mouth watering whenever I see them. One day, i began to feel adventurous and decided to try their pasta dish today. I grabbed my boyfriend with me to try @ J8 outlet.

I ordered Spicy Chicken Promondo, while my bf have Traditional Bolognese. Add $5 to get a set meal consist of a glass of ice lemon tea, soup of the day and 3 honey glazed chicken wings.

Spicy Chicken Pomodorotraditional bolognaise

They look delicious, right?

Honey glazed chicken wings: loved the taste of honey and bbq chicken wing. Just find them abit too small.

Soup of the day (cream of chicken): the soup was too thin and bland, though i add some pepper. I didn’t see any chicken pieces inside. =(

Spicy Chicken Pomodoro: taste spicy, tomato chucks were too big, pasta sauce was nothing to rant about.

Traditional Bolognaise: too bland

Service: staffs quite attentive and help us to clear our plates as soon as they are empty. =)


I could not finish my pasta as I was not that hungry and not-so-satisfied with my dinner. That cost us S$30.26! Totally not worth the price for such meal. Guess, I shall just stick to their pizza.

Essential Shampoo Samples

11 Sep

Did you see the new shampoo brand in pink and bright orange at Wastons, Guardian and CK stores?

essential shampoo

(left) Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy
(right) Essential Damage Care Rich Premier

Yes, it is Essential. Read lots of rave on CozyCot on their fruity and floral fragrances.  The pink one is suitable for flat and limp hair, which will give you a light and bouncy feel. Bright Orange is suitable for dry hair, which said to give your untameable hair a smooth and manageable one. To find out more, you can go to their cute and informative website by clicking on the above image.

Have you thought of trying Essential? Kao are giving out free samples!
What are you waitng for?  Grab and try it now!

I Love!

6 Sep

I love freebies! Don’t you like freebies too?

To me, freebies = samples.

Why I love freebies/samples?

  1. Samples are free, you can try the products without paying any cent.
    Save my money for buying the regular size products.
  2. They are compact enough to bring along for travelling and after-sport shower.
  3. It will allow to know whether the products would suit me.

If you love freebies/samples like I do, I would like to share with you a wonderful site to get your samples. doesn’t sell samples. You can click on the image link to Just sign up for members today, grab your samples and pay for postage. By the way, there are Breathe Right samples up for grab! Get them to try on your snoring partners, friends or family members. My colleague told me it worked for her husband. Try it!