10 Blogs I Read Everyday – Part 2

12 Jan

Read part 1.

5) Kenny Sia – He’s Malaysia’s top blogger for a reason. Enough said.

6) Dawn Yang – Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous! I have an obsession to read about pretty people. I don’t know why. Maybe because such a life is so far away? Haha.

7) Peggy Chang – The female winner of the Hey! Gorgeous show hosted by Fiona Xie and Ben Yeo. I love her zest for life and she’s gorgeous. She’d be the kind of girl I’d go for if I’m a guy. Personally, I find that she looks like Charlene Choi, Joanne Peh and Ella Chen (of S.H.E) at some angles. And she suits both long and short hairstyles, which I find to be a rarity (Angela also suits!) and she does look so different once her hairstyle is changed, even for different kinds of short hairstyles! Respect manz!

8) I came to know of Sheylara on Nuffnang Singapore when she was featured as the Featured Blogger for December. My first thought was, “Isn’t she the ‘carrefer’ on TV?” Sorry, I’m not really sure how to spell the term. Haha. And I wonder if that term’s a dialect. I was surprised to find that Sheylara seems to be so young, although her dressing might be the reason? This is my favourite entry of hers.

9) Truth be told, I only came across this Joke Diary site a couple of days ago but I love jokes, especially cheeky and dirty ones so I spent quite some time on this site, being pretty impressed by the joke collection. Majority of it I hadn’t read about yet. I don’t know why, but I just like tongue-in-cheek humour.

10) Cheeserland – More girly stuffs, more travelling, more pictures!

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