10 Blogs I Read Everyday – Part 1

11 Jan

In no particular order, and in short and sweet sentences, I present to you my list of the 10 blogs I read everyday. They are in no particular ranking because I can’t make up my mind because the satisfaction I get from reading each of them is on different levels. Sorry for the lack of shopping sites, because I am too overwhelmed by the pictures I have to edit for my company’s Product Exhibition next week.

1) Xiaxue – I know, I know. Why am I reading her blog, you ask. Well, I find that the shopping tyrant in me wants to know what she buys, which country she goes and WHICH OF HER ACCESSORY IS BEING ADORNED WITH CRYSTALS (again)! I am still amazed at her patience in sticking her gadgets with crystals, decorating her room and most important of all, I like her personality and her responses to questions- she doesn’t mind poking fun at herself and situations.

2) Pink Is The New Blog is an entertainment gossip blog by Trent Vanegas. I’m sure you can get all the details of what he writes about when you click on his name.

3) Angela, aka Mrs Tat, is my secondary school girlfriend. And the lady who I mentioned briefly before that has loads of make-up, clothes and bags. I still think that her collection of new bags (as in not used) is at least twice the number of my used bags. Haha. She is a true blog shopaholic and I love reading about her buys! Everytime my mum threatened me on my shopping hauls, I keep thinking of Angela. Kidding!

4) Shaun rules on The Butterfly Tales! If there was any blogger who could capture the essentials of a situation, that would be him. You just can’t help but laugh along with him. He claims to have a short attention span  (of one month) for commitments, and he catagorizes his girls into months (I find that Miss September and Miss December seems to have more focus) after the concept in the Sweet November movie. Except his cause was not as honourable? Haha. I have not met him but had added him in my MSN list. One fine day, I couldn’t help but couldn’t help MSN-ing him after seeing his nick:

Cyrene says, “Never ask the Turtles?”

Butterfly: Finding Miss April says, “Oh.”

I really hope you get the lame joke. Oh ya, his blog is of NC-16 material – not for the early teens. If you are one, you are still going to go ahead and read his blog anyway, right?

5) Sharon Au, aka 欧菁仙, who is one of Singapore’s best comperes. I absoutely love her in the chinese sitcome 播音人 (Right Frequency) as “Chen Mei Guang Guang Guang Guang Guang*. Read this entry of hers about her hosting gig at the the recent Star Awards 2007, so memory lane.

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